Aktiver Studiomonitor PSI Audio A17-M

Marcellus Allendorf - Team 17 Audio

Schallwandler, die mich entspannt stundenlang arbeiten lassen, ohne darüber nachdenken zu müssen, ob die Übersetzung auch "draußen" so ankommt:

Straffe, dynamisch ehrliche Bässe, ein ausgewogenes Mitten- und Höhenbild, das aufräumen lässt, wo es wirklich nötig ist.

Ein Riesenspaß - ein fantastisches Werkzeug - herrlich verarbeitet und mit Sicherheit jeden Cent wert!

PSI Lautsprecher

Boris Blank - Yello

His quest for the perfect speaker stopped 5 years ago when he discovered PSI Audio A21-M.

“I always start creating a track with an idea in the back of my head and the first steps are quick and easy. But when the track is almost ready then the hard work starts for me to try and give it the best transparency and bring out the depth and fine-tune the sounds. I am extremely grateful to be able to work with PSI Audio A21-M who help me tremendously in this process”, says Boris.

“When I model sounds, I need to work on the complete shape and color of the sound and not only fragments. Only PSI Audio gives me this ease of work, I can go where I want when creating music”.

“Not only are they ultra precise, they are also very musical and I can work with
them during hours, without getting tired or feeling attacked by the sound”.

“For me the A21-M is ear-opening. It is like an ultra high definition camera that can produce amazingly accurate pictures where the slightest details and accurate colors can easily be seen. They sound the same at all sound levels, beautifully balanced and dynamic with no aggressiveness in any frequency range.”

"I am a passionate sound freak and I need to hear the true and real sound.”